The Ultimate Trails Series Challenge is a series of 5 challenging and scenic half marathons located around the North East and Scottish Borders regions.

The events are aimed at getting people onto the trails to enjoy the benefits of not only running, but of running in beautiful scenery with like minded people.

Maybe you’ve never had the confidence to go and run on the trails yourself, or just thought it was for a select few “hardcore” runners. The Ultimate Trails Series Challenge is there to prove its for everyone.

So come and join us for a fabulous adventure on the trails, the one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t regret it.


Taking part in any of the Ultimate Trails Series Challenge events automatically puts you in the Ultimate Trail Series League.

You will be awarded points for the position you finish within the event itself, with these accumulated points across the series counting towards the league standings.

  1. Maximum of 1000 points on offer in every race, 1st place 1000, 2nd 999, 3rd 998 etc
  2. Everyone gets points, no matter the finishing position e.g 300th place 700 points.
  3. There is no different points system awarded to men or women, simply just the points for where you finish in the event.
  4. The more races you run the more points you will get in your accumulated total.
  5. No one race carries more points than any other in the series.
  6. The league totals will update after every race.
  7. After the final event the League category winners will be announced, they will receive their awards at the Trail Outlaws Urban Trail League presentation evening, date TBA.
  8. If you complete all the events in the series, no matter your overall position you will get an exclusive Urban Trail League Award.
  9. League Categories :
    • Senior Men 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
    • Senior Women 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
    • Men V40, V50, V60.
    • Female V40, V50, V60.
  10. A runner's veteran age class eligibility is dependent on their age on the day of the race (if a runner changes age class part-way through the League, only those races on or after their birthday will count in the individual competition for the older age class but all that year's races may count for the younger age class.

Runner finishes in 1st (1000), 3rd (998), 7th (994) , 11th (900), 15th (896) Total = 4788 points.

There are no point bonus for entering more races, as the more you enter the more points you get.